Sunday, June 13, 2004


Finished a couple books over the weekend. (In between playing basketball and X-Box.) One was Icons of Evolution, which wasn't bad. It wasn't a take-down of Darwinian evolution, but then it didn't intend or pretend to be. Rather, it was simply a critical look at some of the most well-known examples that are given as evidence for evolution. It makes the excellent point that though these examples have been known to be incorrect or at the least inconclusive for quite a number of years, they continue to be placed into textbooks and taught to students. Some are still thought to be accurate by virtually everyone outside of very specific fields of biology. An interesting read, however, the book's format and layout left much to be desired. Illustrations and their captions were handled in a most clumsy and confusing way. Several times I had to flip back and forth across pages to figure out which text was to accompany the illustration and which was the actual narrative of the book. On the whole, worth reading if one is interested specific points in the debate over evolution, but not if one is looking for broad handling of the debate as a whole.

I finished today (in a single day!) Post Captain, the second of the Aubrey-Maturin novels by Patrick O'Brian. Depending on how one likes one's books, it was either superior to the first or somewhat lacking. It was less of an action-adventure tale and more of a "proper novel" with character development and the examination of relationships and what-not. I tend to the second camp. It was, however, still a superb book and I am quite looking forward to the next in the series. Since I placed it on hold at the library well before I actually got and read this book, I hope I shan't have to wait as long in between installments this time. O! to have the money to just buy all the books one wants to read!