Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Harry Potter-ing

Haven't seen the new Harry Potter movie. Hadn't planned to. I yawned my way through the first and skipped the second. I haven't bothered with the books (and have no plans to do so). But now that I've read this review of The Prisoner of Azkaban by Jonathan Last of the The Weekly Standard, I may have to check it out. He doesn't rave about it, but he does praise it with faint damns (I've always liked that phrase) such that I'm interested. I'll probably just stick with renting it, or waiting to borrow a DVD from a friend. Last also has an interesting theory about how Warner Brothers has planned for the whole series and why they change directors.
By slowly trading up in directorial talent, Warner Bros. is ensuring that each movie is better than the last, thus hedging against any letdown. By book seven, we could have Michael Mann directing. It's good business sense--and certainly smarter than trying for perfection from the first frame. If the first Harry Potter movie had been a classic, the series might have collapsed under its own weight.
I'm still not going to read the books. A man has to have some principles, after all.