Wednesday, June 16, 2004


I was listening to the radio as I was getting ready for work, and during a commercial there was an ad for Comcast. Specifically, they were touting their "On Demand" feature, which lets you watch movies whenever you want, or something. I don't care, and it's not too important exactly how it works. What struck me was the way that they sold it on their ad. They said "Sometimes life gets between you and your TV..." And I thought, "What?" If your problem is that your life is interfering with your television watching, you need a serious readjustment of your priorities. Get your lazy butt off your couch and go outside. Or read a book. Heck, read a book outside. I'm not anti-TV, I watch sports and movies and junk, but if you're to the point where you're lamenting that interactions with other people are keeping you from your set, then you need an intervention and a 12 step program, neighbor.