Friday, June 18, 2004

Online Comic Goodness

Found a cool online comic via Steve. Indirectly, that is. Steve had an online comic linked at his site, and I checked that out, and they had another site linked. And this is it. Essentially it's about online gamers and other nerd stuff and it's actually quite funny. It's about what one might find on the Simpsons (none of that rampant profanity and four letter words) in terms of vulgarity. I haven't checked the whole site out, so I don't know what one might find, but I've read a couple years worth of the strips and I think they're pretty good. It's a very solid comic, good characters and it's well drawn. If you dig that stuff, check it out. Or, odds are, if you dig that stuff, you found it way before I did.


I think it's much better than User Friendly, which I was reading for a while too.