Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Sports Roundup

Haven't blogged much sports stuff lately; I've been occupied with other things and haven't watched any television in weeks. A quick re-cap of what's been going on is probably in order.

Tampa Bay Lightning win Stanley Cup. (yawn) Tough to get excited about a hockey team from Florida. Sure, great offence, talented players, but really. Tell me it wouldn't have been better for Calgary to have won? Sadly, the Red Wings (my favourite team) got knocked out a couple rounds earlier.

Detroit Pistons upset the Lakers to win the NBA championship. (Query: Does the NBA championship have a name like others: Stanley Cup, Lombardi Trophy, etc? After a quick Google search, it seems not.) I'm surprised, but pleased that the Lakers lost. As a good Seattle sports fan, I loathe all LA teams and wish them nothing but losses and ignominious defeat. I'm not particularly happy that Detroit won (since every team I predicted even a modicum of success for failed), but it's still better than the Lakers.

And finally, the Mariner's are choking like dogs. Haven't even made it to the All-Star break and they're 12 games back in their division and 11 and a half out of what would be the Wild Card spot. I had been thinking that it was the M's pitching that was lacking (and granted, it's not very good), but to this point in the season, only the Expos have scored fewer runs, have fewer RBIs and a lower SLG% (total bases per at bat) and only the Padres have fewer HRs.

The only upside for this year in baseball for me so far is how well my favourite pitcher (Randy Johnson) is doing of late. He's on a 5 game win streak, tied for most wins in MLB leads MLB in strike-outs, opponent BA, fewest WHIP (Walks+Hits/Inning Pitched) and has an ERA of 2.77.