Thursday, June 17, 2004

William Manchester, RIP

I learned from the most recent National Review (On Dead Tree), that William Manchester died on the 1st of June. I was sad to hear this, not because of any personal connection with the man, but because he had not yet completed the third and (I presume) final installment of his biography of Churchill, The Last Lion. Initially, my expectation was that it was not ever to be completed and that I would miss out on reading his insights into Churchill's experience during World War II. But it seems I wasn't quite right.

An article in Opinion Journal informs me that another writer has been engaged to finish the work that Manchester started. It notes that Manchester had about 230 pages finished at the time of his death (presuming the book to be about the same length as the previous two, that's about 1/4 of it finished) and that it will be carried on by Paul Reid, "a features reporter for the Palm Beach Post" who knew Manchester.

The article also has some interesting info about other writers whose work has been "finished" after they have died.