Thursday, October 28, 2004

Expanding Your Vocabulary... or, er, at least mine.

I ran across a few new words in reading The Survival of Culture. Thought I'd share what I found in the Oxford English Dictionary when I looked them up. As follows in no particular order:


1. A discontinuance of the use or practice (of anything); disuse; protracted cessation from.

b. The passing into a state of disuse.

2. The condition or state into which anything falls when one ceases to use or practise it; the state of disuse.


eudemonic, -dæmonic, a.

1. Conducive to happiness; viewed as conducive to happiness.

2. pl. a. (after Gr. ) (see quot. a1832). b. (nonce-use) Appliances for comfort, means of happiness.

a1832 BENTHAM Logic Wks. (1838-43) VIII. 289 Eudæmonics, or the art of applying life to the maximization of wellbeing.

So eudemonical a.

and lastly

exiguous, a.

Scanty in measure or number; extremely small, diminutive, minute.

Hence exiguousness = EXIGUITY.