Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Library Frustration

My local library system has recently switched to a new computer system, it seems. No big deal, right? Wrong. Not only did their catalog disappear for a week so that one could not check the status of holds, items out, fines, etc., but when everything came back, my items on hold were now at the wrong library. Not only were they at the wrong library, it's half an hour in the other direction.

Okay, if I can change that before they actually arrive to fill my hold, that's cool, yeah? And there is a note on the KCLS website that gives a phone number to call to have one's holds moved. So I called. They (rather rudely and abruptly) told me that it could not be done yet (despite what the website said) and to call back in a few days. So, I'm all set to call today and what is waiting for me in my e-mail? A notice from KCLS saying that one of my holds is filled and waiting at the wrong library.

So I'm going to call again today and ask them, politely at first, to move my book to the right library. Updates as events warrant.