Friday, October 22, 2004

Pro-life Women and Barbara Ehrenreich

Still reading First Things and I'm farther down the page of The Public Square now. Neuhaus comments at length on Barbara Ehrenreich's accusation that pro-life women are thumb-sucking wimps and hypocrites. Neuhaus' (sarcastic) conclusion:

Those thumb-sucking women are implying that it is not really terrific to be Barbara Ehrenreich, which is ludicrous. Not that they will be able to match her success, but they can at least support the abortion license that made it possible. Too bad about those two kids, but, as Sartre understood, nothing comes without paying a price. Sure it's unfair, but, then, life is unfair. The children died in the cause of giving the public Barbara Ehrenreich and giving Barbara Ehrenreich some really neat advantages. Do these women know what it's like to live in a grubby lower-middle-class world with a husband who works in a warehouse? Barbara Ehrenreich should feel guilty about what she did? Get real, ladies.

Neuhaus doesn't pull punches.