Friday, November 05, 2004

Baby Kobe

Just finished watching the Spurs-Lakers game. Spurs won by a mere 9 points after leading by 18 partway through the third quarter. Lakers only got as close as 6 and the outcome never really felt in doubt. But what really impressed about this game, was Kobe's ineptness and petulance.

Sure, Kobe had 28 points, but he had 3 turnovers practically negate his 4 assists and he shot a mere 8 for 22. Beyond that, on a personal level, it seems the losing is getting to Kobe. Throughout the game he spent an inordinate amount of time yelling at referees about calls he thought should have happened but didn't, calls that happened that he didn't like and generally crying like a little girl. He even tried to pick a fight with Tim Duncan at one point. What has to hurt more than anything else, is that Kobe has no one but himself to blame for the break-up of the title contending team he was on last year.

Kobe, meet the bed you made. Bed, Kobe. Sleepy time.