Wednesday, November 17, 2004

BCS Confusion

I'm not a fan of the BCS. And more fodder for us detractors is that four, count 'em, four teams are still undefeated. USC, Oklahoma and Auburn all have only two games left and Utah only one. And while Utah isn't considered to be as good as the other three, another unbeaten team will help at least a little bit in fueling the fires of the BCS' demise. I think it's likely that at least three of the four will win out and there's a good chance all of them will.

USC isn't likely to lose to either Notre Dame or UCLA, both 6-4 right now. Oklahoma has a game with Baylor whose record is a mere 3-7 and then the winner of the North Division of the Big 12 where the top three teams are 5-4, 6-4 and 5-5. On the other hand, Oklahoma lost to Kansas State last year in a game they should have won. Auburn probably has the toughest road, but they have looked strongest all year. First up for them is 6-4 Alabama in a very big rivalry game and then 7-2 Tennessee, or if Tennessee improbably loses both of their last two conference games against cellar-dwelling Vanderbilt and Kentucky, 8-2 Georgia. Auburn has beaten both already, in convincing fashion, but both are solid teams that will be looking for revenge.

Good times.