Friday, November 05, 2004

Break out the peach baskets

It's that time of year again. What time, you ask? The time when both basketball and football are happening. It's the most wonderful time/of the year...? Okay, so that's pitching it a bit strong. Still. Fun times. Except the Sonics look to be the doormats of the NBA. Season opener against the LA Clippers last night. Result? Sonics lose by 30. Thirty! Three-zero. To the Clippers. Clip-pers. The Clips were worst in the West last year. And they clubbed the Sonics by 30. It's going to be a long year. Heard a comment on ESPN that the Sonics may have trouble winning 20 games.

On the positive side, Kobe and the Lakers had their lunch handed to them. Pummelled by the Utah Jazz by 26. It always makes me smile to see the Lakers lose. And, frankly, I laughed out loud when I saw they lost by so much. Am I a bad person? Other interesting scores were Shaq's Miami Heat beating up on the (Jason Kidd-less) Nets 100-77 and San Antonio knocked off Sacramento 101-85 handing the Kings their second blow-out loss. The Kings look to have dropped off this year, which isn't surprising. They've lost several players and haven't done much to make up for it. And Dallas picked up their second win of the year beating a New Orleans team that has gotten the shaft in the NBA re-alignment, which moved them from the East (where they could expect to have a chance at the play-offs) to the West (where they don't have a prayer).

Offensively, the NBA looks good so far, though whether it will pan out remains to be seen. 10 teams of 32 (some teams counted twice if they have played two games) scored more than 100 points in the first couple days (though, it did take two overtimes for Cleveland and Indiana to manage it).