Friday, November 12, 2004

Marvel at the stupidity

Today's PVP strip deals with the story here in USA Today. It seems that Marvel is suing over the ability of players of the City of Heroes game to create a hero that is strikingly similar to comic book heroes that Marvel has copyrighted. And this is the fault of NCSoft and Cryptic Studios (game makers of COH) how? As Kurtz points out in his comic, one might as well sue paper and pencil manufacturers for enabling people to infringe on the copyright of Marvel. Or art teachers for teaching kids to draw so then they can draw their favourite comic book heroes. Is it possible that Marvel doesn't realise that this will annoy and anger their base of fans? If you're a huge fan of the Hulk, and suddenly you can't play your Hulk-like character in COH because Marvel stopped you, will that make you more or less inclined to run out and buy a bunch more Marvel comics? Will having the purpose (to play a game as The Incredible Hulk) behind your spending $50 on a computer game and a $15 a month to play online thwarted make you more of a loyal consumer of Marvel products or less?