Friday, November 05, 2004

Moderate? Yeah, moderately liberal!

An interesting post from Jonah Goldberg regarding how he thinks many moderates are just afraid of calling themselves liberals. I think this is true, but I don't think it's just fear. I think many liberals don't think of themselves as being liberal. To a lot of people who aren't very reflective about their politics, or not very informed, they sit right about in the middle of the spectrum. "Anyone to my right is conservative, anyone to my left is liberal. Obviously, I am the moderate middle, I am the norm." But I do think that this idea is easier for a liberal to hold even with a fair amount of political thought and information in our society since our institutions and the vast majority of the media tend to be on the liberal side of the scale. A liberal fish swimming in a liberal sea sees himself as being moderate, if you'll allow a rather inapt metaphor. Honestly, this is kinda how I think of Greg. I think he's a bit more liberal than he thinks, whereas he just believes he's more "moderate".

On the way home from work, I heard a girl interviewed on NPR saying how she doesn't think the Left exists in the US any more. She thinks it's just the Center and the Right. Which is both stupid and fits with what Jonah was saying.