Saturday, December 04, 2004

Big Unit not going to Big Apple

AP reports that Randy Johnson will not be traded to the Yankees. Which is good news for me. I loathe the Yankers and am a big fan of the Big Unit. The resulting conflict of loyalties would trouble me in whether I should cheer for Johnson to win or the Yankers to lose.

But the joy in Mudville brought about by this news is tempered by a sentence near the end of the article. "Johnson has a no-trade clause, and it's not clear whether the Yankees are the only team he would accept a deal to." Johnson is a phenomenal pitcher and is a lock for Cooperstown when he retires; if for no other reason than his place on the all-time K list. But I fear that he'll be viewed by the general public as being 2nd to Roger Clemens among his contemporaries because he's about 80 wins behind Roger. If he doesn't accept a trade to another contender and ends up stuck in Arizona for another couple years, he might not make it to 300 wins, which (though I've pointed out their uselessness as a stat) matter a lot to the average baseball fan.