Tuesday, December 21, 2004

City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia, that is. While not strictly in Philadelphia, I am there in the same sense that I tell people I live in Seattle. I don't live in Seattle proper, but very close and, unless you live or have lived nearby, you wouldn't have a clue where I was talking about if I gave the name of the small town in which I do live.

Been a nice, relaxing couple of days, and I'm here until the end of the week. My father-in-law trounced me soundly in several games of pool, and I have demurred ping-pong knowing I have even less hope there. My plan is to get my own back through several games of chess. We'll see how that goes.

Been doing some reading, watched a few movies, played games with family. Taught myself to play bridge not too long ago and have been inflicting that on my family.

Watched Secret Window for the first time. Not too pleased. I figured it out pretty early, and I didn't like the way it ended. While trying not to give too much away, let me just say that when movies end in the manner that this did, it has to be done just right to prevent me from being disappointed. Watched Pirates of the Caribbean for the second time. It's funny, and I enjoy the dialogue, but I'm not going to spend money on it myself. I was reminded afresh that Orlando Bloom is nothing more than a face. (For further evidence that he can't act, see the Lord of the Rings trilogy.) Watched the Legend of Earthsea mini-series on the SciFi channel. It was... okay. I guess. For a made-for-TV movie. I think I may finally be motivated to read the books, but I'm afraid that it will turn out like (shudder) Eddings. Of course, that could just be the influence of a bad mini-series, so I'll give it a shot. Oh, and I saw Shrek 2. Which could have been sub-titled "Shrek 1 Warmed Over". It was funny, but the novelty and edge was gone.

Don't have time to recap books at the moment. Maybe later today or tomorrow.