Friday, December 31, 2004

Take Out Chinese

Or maybe I should make that "Taiwanese". John Derbyshire comments in his December Diary that the US needs to make its policies in Asia more consistent with its stated policies elsewhere.
Most recently the ChiComs have put out a policy paper on national defense...The policy paper goes on to say that separatist activities on Taiwan have become the “biggest immediate threat” to China's sovereignty and to peace and stability in the region.

Taiwan has been functioning as an independent nation for 55 years. In all its previous history, the place was governed by China as a Chinese province for just twelve years. Exactly why the open declaration of what everyone knows to be the case should be a “threat” to anyone at all is a mystery to me. The threat to peace and stability in the western Pacific is not posed by the Taiwanese, who just want to get on with building up their country in peace and independence. The real threat arises from the unrestrained aggressiveness of the Chinese Communists.
And he concludes by asking "Where is all our bluster about “spreading democracy” when it comes to East Asia?"

A good question.