Saturday, January 15, 2005

Book and a Movie

Read Wodehouse in His Own Words over the last few days. It wasn't bad. It tells the outline of his life and uses quotations from a lot of his books, plays and letters as the majority of the text. It's not that comprehensive or informative, but it is pleasant to read and does give one at least the outline of his life.

Also, got The Shop Around the Corner from the library and watched that with my wife last night. It wasn't bad. Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullivan starred. It wasn't great, there were a few plot holes, but an enjoyable movie. More people have probably seen the most recent re-make if anything, which was You've Got Mail. The films follow a similar arc, where two people who loathe each other unknowingly correspond with one another and fall in love via their written communications. The more recent movie simply having been brought up to date by having the two stars correspond by e-mail.