Friday, January 28, 2005

Friends. Romans. Countrymen. Lend me your ears.

It's odd, writing a blog. Especially a blog without any real stated or defined purpose. A blog like this one, in fact. I don't have any real goal in mind for the things that I post. The focus and general content has shifted over time and will quite likely continue to do so. I started out commenting on politics and have shifted through different phases where I critiqued books, commented on cultural issues, discussed sports and my personal experiences to different degrees.

But there's never been any central theme or message. And I don't know that I need one. I don't have any ambitions for this blog. I'm not trying to influence people, I'm not trying to build a readership, nor am I trying particularly hard to be informative about anything. (Heck, this post isn't really going anywhere important, and I didn't have a particular point in mind when I started!)

I was just thinking about how it's odd to consider the various people who I know read my blog from time to time. I know Arevanye has been stopping by fairly regularly, at least lately. Steve comes by from time to time. I think my wife reads the blog every couple days, but I'm not certain. I'm pretty sure my brother-in-law has subscribed to the RSS feed (and he's started blogging again, by the bye). And Mo was coming by fairly often. Other people I know come by now and again, and there are the strangers who stumble across this blog in their meanderings across the internet. Obviously, these people have found my blog (or a mention of it somewhere) interesting enough to read, at least once or perhaps even periodically. Does one then tailor one's approach to continue to hold their interest? I would have said not, but after thinking about it for a bit, perhaps I am. I've started watching Cowboy Bebop on the recommendation of Steve, I've picked up the Earth-sea books on the suggestion of Arevanye, and after starting both series, I've posted my thoughts. To a degree, then, I've taken my readership (if such a small number can be referred to that way) into account when deciding what to post. I do enjoy the discussion and interaction that can occur in the comments and (like just about everybody, I'm sure) wish that there were more. But the number of people reading this has already exceeded my expectations, especially the number of people I didn't know when I started. Anyway, thank you all. Just some musings.