Friday, January 21, 2005

I don't know, why a duck?

Finished reading a biography of Groucho Marx. Interesting stuff. I think I'd read part of it before, but pretty much the whole second half seemed new to me. It's called My Life With Groucho and it was written by his son, Arthur Marx. I never realised that Groucho's last years were full of such scandal. A girlfriend several decades his junior took over his life and tried to make off with his money. And partially succeeded. I've got another book on Groucho out from the library now and I'm interested to see if they jibe.

One of the funniest lines was Harpo's comment to Groucho during Chico's funeral. He offered to bet Groucho who would die first, himself or Groucho. He said he'd give him three to one and take either corner. Well. I laughed. Bye the bye, Groucho turned him down. Said he didn't trust their other brother Zeppo to hold the money.