Tuesday, January 11, 2005

New Year Disappointment

Not for me, but for some anonymous young man. My wife related this story to me, so you're getting it second-hand. A couple days after New Year's, the phone rings. My wife answers it and the following conversation ensues:

(A young man, very enthusiastic)"Hello, Sara*?!"
"No, I'm sorry. You have the wrong number. There's no one by that name here."
(Young man, crushed to earth)"You mean there's no Miss Quisenby there?"
"I'm afraid not."
"Oh. Well, thank you."

My interpretation? Someone got some digits at a New Year's Eve party and found, to his chagrin, that the girl he found so alluring had not found him equally so and given him a bogus number instead of putting him off then and there.

*Name changed