Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Behold! A machine of infinite power!

Well, maybe not. And it's really just software, I suppose. So the machine is still my fairly average computer. So that subject was pretty much wrong all the way around.

However, I am still stoked about my new copy of Fritz 8 Deluxe. (Ooh! "Deluxe"!) "What is it?", you ask? Why? Didn't you click the link? It's a chess program. And a mighty fine one. It does all kinds of things I haven't figured out (who needs instruction booklets?), and plays chess at a level so far above me that I can only dream of being competitive. So what good is it? Glad you asked. It has some very neat analysis functions that allow me to review games that I have played against human opponents and see where I might have made better moves, so that I might improve my play. I've only had it a few days, so doubtless there are more exciting things it can do left to discover. It's fan-riffic!