Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Don't Click That Link!

It seems that a Tulsa, Oklahoma newspaper has decided that they want a local blogger to stop excerpting and linking to their articles. (I found out about this at several removes.) After following the story back to the original blog, the aspect that most intrigues me is discussed on a different blog. Here's the crux of the matter:
[the blogger in question] has received a letter from the Tulsa World newspaper demanding that he cease and desist from quoting "in whole or in part" or even linking to material from its website and that he immediately remove any material from his archives that contain same.
I can certainly see how the paper might have a case over the excerpting of articles. After all, the amount that can legally be excerpted before infringement takes place is, so far as I know, rather subjective. But I simply cannot fathom how a link to the newspaper's website could be considered copyright infringement in any way. It involves no copying and merely sends the user/reader to the original source. That's it.

While I'm not one to rant about "the power of the blogosphere" or how the tired, old mainstream media is going to implode in the face of the awesome power of blogs, it seems that this paper is really stretching and essentially admitting that they are unable to deal with this blogger through simple competition. If he's that much of a nuisance and problem, then they need to change the way they operate.