Wednesday, February 09, 2005

How many laughs a mile do you get?

An high-larious post at Poshlust, Inc. about running a Hounds and Hares course through Delhi. Best part is her description of her fellow runners
There is an easy way to tell a serious, regular runner from the "weekend warriors". The flippant runners.. just look better. Our running gear gets dusted off every couple of weeks to combat heredity and trans-fats, or when the athletic look is in. Real, serious runners wear the grubby ass t-shirts and running shorts, and sneakers that look like they've fjorded a million Delhi streams. Now, the real REAL serious adventure/eco challenge people - you have to watch out for them. They generally look like the weekend warriors - with the exception that they appear not to need air, smell weakness like dogs, and would cut you for a protein bar.