Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Watched another set of Cowboy Bebop episodes, the fourth. A couple were ones that introduced more background for a couple of the characters. Which, when done well, is always a good thing in a series that begins by dropping you into the middle of the action. On the other hand, again I felt that several of the episodes were rushed, that the writers were trying to fit in more story and action than they really had time for. Still, as the characters fill out through back-story and the action on screen, the series becomes better as it becomes fuller. Two more discs and 8 more episodes left. I'm interested to see how this series gets wrapped up. Will it be "second star on the left and straight on 'til morning", will it be "happily ever after", or will it be "and thus they died"?
Also watched the fourth and fifth installments of the Baseball series. The fourth was the decade of the 20's and the fifth the 30's. The 20's were the hey-day of Babe Ruth and the Murderer's Row Yankees. Also of note was that my favourite player, Walter Johnson, won his only World Series. His team, the Washington Senators, only managed one World Series ever and Johnson was instrumental in victory.

The 30's saw the retirement of Ruth, the start of Bob Feller, DiMaggio and the saddest moment in baseball, the retirement of Lou Gehrig. I am not ashamed to say that every time I see and hear Gehrig say, "Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth", tears well up in my eyes. It is always sad to see someone cut down in their prime, but especially so a good man. And moreover, by having his body waste away, since he made so many happy through his amazing physical endeavours.

My biggest complaint with these Baseball DVDs is only that they spend merely two hours per decade. I would happily watch twice as many. Perhaps not in one sitting, granted, but still.

Over the weekend I started Raiders of the Lost Ark just to watch again the opening scene where Indiana Jones steals the idol. I got caught up in it and ended up watching the whole thing. I had forgotten how gory the ending was. Good stuff, though. Better than Temple of Doom, though not quite on a par with Final Crusade. I am dubious about the rumoured 4th Indiana Jones movie since Harrison Ford is what, 80 now? Okay, maybe he isn't a poster-boy for Geritol just yet, but he could probably do some arthritis ads.

I and my wife watched The Gods Must Be Crazy for the first time in years the other night. Much that I laughed at as a child was not so funny, and other parts still put me in stitches. An interesting and endearing film, even if it does lay on the "utopian Bushmen" ideal a little thick.