Saturday, February 12, 2005


I've been thinking a bit lately about pseudonyms. Some people that blog or participate in web forums don't have any problem letting the world at large know their names. (See Greg Piper and Steve.) Others guard their names fairly zealously. (No one I know personally, but it is fairly common among political bloggers.) And then there is a sort of middle category that I myself fall into. I don't put my real name on my blog, I generally avoid using it anywhere else as well, but I don't make a special effort to keep people from finding out. I have my picture on my blog, and I refer to things that would give someone (should they care enough to look into it) clues as to my identity. Where I went to college and when, things like that.

I'm not certain how important something like this is. After all, I'm not exactly the kind of person that gets targeted by creeps on the internet. Nor am I famous, and thus do not attract attention that way. But a semi-anonymity is comforting. I guess I would liken it to one's covers as a child. True, a sheet and a blanket couldn't stop my younger brothers, but for some reason it still comforted me when I suspected there was a monster in the closet.