Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Super Bore

The Super Bowl is coming up next Sunday and I've lost just about all interest in it. A few reasons for this. First, the Super Bowl is almost always a laugher. The game isn't great, one team blows out the other and it's all wrapped up by halftime. Which brings us to reason number two. The halftime commercial hype, the halftime mini-concert extravaganza and let's not forget the 6 hour pre- and post-game shows, all of which end up overshadowing the actual contest on the field. And finally, the Eagles and the Patriots? I loathe the Pats, the Eagles excite me not and Terrell Owens (whether he plays or not) will feature largely and will annoy to no end. On the other hand, unless I get invited to some sort of Super Bowl shindig, I'll miss it all anyway, having no TV. And if I do get invited somewhere, I can hopefully spend my time interacting with friends rather than subjecting myself to the tortures of the flickering box.