Monday, May 28, 2007

Never an easy word for me to spell.

Though I do find this word to be particularly euphonious, I have always had trouble remembering how to spell it, which means it finds its way into what I write only infrequently.

acquiesce, v.

1. intr. To remain at rest, either physically or mentally; to rest satisfied (in a place or state). Obs.

b. To acquiesce from: To rest, or cease from. Obs. rare.

c. To acquiesce under: To remain in quiet subjection, to submit quietly, to remain submissive. Obs.

2. To agree tacitly to, concur in; to accept (the conclusions or arrangements of others).

b. Const. to, with. Obs.

3. trans. To bring to rest; to appease, satisfy, or harmonize. Obs.