Friday, September 28, 2007

Adventures in Azeroth

Since I've never really written about my playing World of Warcraft other than to merely mention the fact that I do play, a little info. I play almost exclusively on the Horde side on the Zul'jin server. I have a 70 Tauren shaman, a 50 BE priest and a few other minor alts all below level 20.

My shaman is only lately arrived at level 70 since my playing time is limited by family, work and my other pastimes (reading, movies, this blog, etc.). Also, I don't have a ton of online buddies, my guild is small and I don't enjoy most of the PUGs (Pick-Up Groups) I end up in.

So what I've been doing lately is taking advantage of the fact that at max level (70), one gets bonus gold instead of XP for completing quests and running around doing quests to collect the money to be able to eventually afford a fast flying mount. I'm not even a fifth of the way there since I'll need 5000 gold to train for the mount and another couple hundred (incidental when compared to the cost of training the flying skill, really) to buy the mount.

What I haven't been doing is running instances. And now, I'm faced with the problem that when I do run an instance, since I'm level 70, the other players will probably expect me to be familiar with what to do and what will happen and may have little patience for a 70 who is doing his first run through Coilfang or Shattered Halls or wherever. Still, I need to start doing these things because the reputation I'll gain with the various game factions will be what allows me to get the things I need in order to keep making money once the quests dry up, which they probably will before I can get that flying mount.

Oh, and I should add, enhancement shamans need a plate talent. Those who play will understand what I mean. And probably either agree or disagree rather vehemently.