Friday, September 28, 2007

Dik-sha-what? Now I know you're making words up.

It's odd that certain misspellings never lose their cachet, (the "their", "there", "they're" confusion, for example) and others come and go. Lately I've been noticing all kinds of people using the word "diffuse" when they really mean "defuse".

People will say that they are "diffusing the controversy". I think, "Do you really want '2. To pour or send forth as from a centre of dispersion; to spread abroad over a surface, or through a space or region; to spread widely, shed abroad, disperse, disseminate.'"? It's not as if the correct word has a definition that's difficult to remember. Here it is in its entirety from the OED:

trans. To remove the fuse from (an explosive device). Also fig.

That's it. This shouldn't be that hard, I wouldn't think. And it's more important that you kids with your stupid abbreviations for texting and online chatting seem to think it is. Don't make me tell you stories about how we measured our online speed in baud (whatever the heck that was) when I was a kid and how we were excited when we got to have 128k of RAM! Nowadays that wouldn't even be enough for your personal icon in your AOL messenger.

Walking through the snow to school.

Uphill both ways...

Punk kids.