Monday, October 01, 2007

Thrall is a dumb name.

Sometimes I find WoW to be clever, sometimes it is merely interesting. On rare occasions, it slips to being stupid. The subject of this post is an example. Not only did the designers of the game not bother to come up with a name for their Orc Warchief that was at least kinda cool sounding. Or, if you had to make it a word that is also a word in English, why not a word that didn't mean "slave"? Even if we're basing this on the back-story from Warcraft III, where Thrall leads his people (orcs?) out of their internment camps and his name is from his time as a "slave" to the stinky hu-mans, why doesn't he disavow the name and take a new one to commemorate his change of status?

And, now that I've driven away all but the most hard-core geeks...

My BE priest is now 51 after this weekend and I've got my gold total back up to about 1k after doing some more quests with my shaman and doing some good business in the Auction House. The Auctioneer mod is a great tool for getting the most out of your loot in WoW. I have mixed feelings about mods. Some, like Auctioneer, seem beneficial. It allows me to do something that I couldn't do on my own; it analyses prices and trends in the AH and allows me to set prices that are competitive and warns me about buying things that are over-priced. It's something that, theoretically, one could do for oneself, but it would be time-consuming to the point of ridiculousness. It allows one to do something that is clearly possible without a mod, but only feasible with a mod.

Others, like Gatherer, seem benign. This tool "remembers" places you have mined for ore or gathered herbs on your map and shows them to you when you get close to them so you can check and see if they are there again. It is also something that could be done without a mod, and would even be pretty feasible without a mod if you used a high-resolution paper map. But it obviously saves time to have it as a mod and makes the whole process a lot easier.

Other mods, primarily the ones for raids, seem to me to be overkill. There is no way that a human could go through a raid, doing his job and still watching the combat log closely enough to get stats on who is doing the most damage or healing the party most effectively. And if such mods are necessary components of raids, why didn't (doesn't) Blizzard include them with the game itself? Why design a game where the ability of players to successfully complete it depends upon their coding skills? That's not a game, that's making your paying customers do your work for you.