Monday, November 05, 2007

Catching up.

Been gone nearly a month. Not sure what all that time got spent on, some WOW, some overtime, some family time, whole family got sick... It just kind of got spent here and there and before I knew it, October was over. I'm not dead though, as it seems Steve is, sadly. At least, he's got pharmaceutical comment spam, which I always assumed would only have occurred over his dead body. Maybe he's just taking a really long vacation some place where there is no internet connection.

My book reading is down, I think it is safe to say that since I am now roughly 20 books off my pace from last year and with less than 2 months to catch it up, I won't be equalling last year's total of 178. Especially since Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us soon, I have two kids now instead of one, I'm teaching a class at church every Sunday and things are different at work. On the other hand, my wife isn't pregnant as she was this time last year and I have read 50 books in two months before (see September and October).

I haven't discussed the books I've been reading as I have in the past; I feel badly about this and I ought to start it again. I will... next book I finish. It's the part of this blog that I really tend to enjoy the most in retrospect. That is to say, it's about the only thing I write here that I think will have much value more than a month down the road.

Bill Belichick is a smug, classless, cheating scoundrel. And this is really funny.