Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trust me.

A short little word, apparently obsolete, with a variety of general and specific meanings.

affy, v.


1. trans. To trust, confide (a thing to a person); but from the beginning refl. To confide oneself, trust to, on, or in.

2. intr. (by omission of refl. pron.) To confide, trust, rely, put trust. Const. in, rarely on.

3. trans. To confide in, trust, give faith to.

4. To assure, affirm on one's faith (a thing or fact to a person); to make affidavit.

5. To secure or make fast by solemn promise; to betroth or espouse (sc. to oneself, or as proxy for another); to take in marriage.

6. To betroth (any one) in marriage to (another); to affiance.

7. fig. To engage or bind in faith (a thing to a person or vice versâ).