Friday, January 11, 2008

Fun pictures!

Admittedly, these will be most interesting if you also play WoW, but it is my blog.

First is a screen cap of the final score in a PvP game in the Eye of the Storm. Behind by a few hundred points most of the game to the stinky hu-mans and their allies we managed to capture three of the four towers near the end and pulled to within a hundred of them. We had been having trouble capturing the flag the whole game, but we got one right at the end and pulled ahead of the allies at the very last minute. How last minute?


The next is from another PvP session, this one in Arathi Basin. Not quite so close. In fact, we rushed the resource points so fast that it was a close thing that they scored AT ALL.

Yeah, that's correct, only 30 points. We bottled them up in their base so fast we were in and out with our victory in a mere 6 minutes. And, do please note, this was with a PuG, not a pre-made.

Lastly, I was involved in a strange zeppelin accident over the mountains of Alterac.

My zeppelin seems to have been involved in some sort of Star Trek-like transporter accident with another zep. It was weird, several times I went to the trip screen and then exited over Alterac on a zep that wasn't moving and was mixed up with another. Very strange.

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