Tuesday, January 01, 2008

One more year and I'll have trends

Some (very minor) stat-geekery on my 2007 booklist.

82 of 161 were books I had read previously.
122 of 161 were fiction.
A mere 3 of the non-fiction books were books I had read previously, though this is 3 more than last year.
And thus 79 of the 122 fiction books were re-reads.

Fun times; this year's books will give me a third data point and we'll see if I continue to trend towards fewer books with more of them being fiction and that I have read previously. My guess is that trend will continue. I think I'll have less time to devote to new non-fiction this coming year for several reasons which I'll make known in the not-too-distant future. (For those who know me well, it's nothing you haven't already heard. I'm not about to become a father a third time over.)

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