Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pie crust

My wife has an excellent pie crust recipe. I'm not sure of its provenance, but she's a trained pastry chef, so whether she concocted it or it merely receives her stamp of approval, you can be assured that it's quite good.

The other day at work, a woman with whom I have shared this recipe asked me what my wife does with left-over pie crust once the pie is constructed. I didn't have an answer, because there isn't any left-over pie crust. That is to say, you take what isn't used on the pie, put it on a baking sheet and bake it into a species of cookie.

I almost felt that I ought to react like the people in the story about the whiskey-tasting. A man was on a whiskey-tasting in Scotland, and, never having done it before, asked the guide if whiskey was tasted in the same manner as wine: rolled in the mouth and then spat out. The guide looked at him as if at a particularly slow and truculent child. "Spit it OOT? Oot, didja say?" And no one spoke to him again for the rest of the tasting tour.

Saving pie crust, forsooth!

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