Friday, November 14, 2008

What kind of haircut do they have?

Remember when you could tell what kind of music a band played just by looking at their haircuts? If they had coloured mohawks, they were a punk band. If they had a ton of hairspray, make-up and really tight purple pants they were hair-metal. If they all had backwards baseball caps, they were a rap group. If it looked like they hadn't washed their long, stringy hair since Reagan was president, it was, the aptly named, grunge.

Now it doesn't work. Everybody has emo hair whether or not you're an emo band. (And if you like emo bands, Shakespeare disapproves.) You can't tell from looking at a band member whether he raps, is in a Swedish death metal band, part of a generic every-rock band, punk, industrial or whether he's some famous DJ who is known for his trance mixes. When did this happen?

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