Monday, June 02, 2014

Fenway needs a facelift

Okay, finally up to the penultimate game from the baseball tour. The Red Sox benefited for a long time from everyone of sense and good taste despising the Yankees. But, what they failed to realise is, no one outside of New England really likes the Red Sox either. They were just a convenient stick with which to beat the hated Yankees. It's not like the rest of country was waiting with bated breath to see Sox ascendant.
Fenway used to be a nice park. It has a lot of history still going for it, but frankly, the place is a dump. It needs to be completely renovated or replaced. Anyway, despite that, I was glad to be there and see a piece of history.

Like the Nationals game, we had seats down the third base line out near the left field wall. In Boston that means right next to the Green Monster. And we were right next to the Green Monster.
The game itself wasn't as memorable as some of the others on the trip. Clay Bucholz picked up his first and only loss of the season and Mark Buehrle improved to 12-9. Unfortunately, most (perhaps all) of my photos of the game were lousy. It's what happens when not a great photographer takes pictures with a cell phone.

There was a sweet older couple that had the seats next to me and my dad who were incredibly rabid Sox fans. They were very nice, but they had that weird phenomenon that I've noticed in so many Sox fans. They assume that since no one outside of New York and bandwagoners likes the Yankees, we should all like the Red Sox since they view themselves as the primary nemesis of the Evil Empire. Yeah. Not so much. I, and others, don't cheer for the Red Sox so much as I cheer against the Yankees.

Anyway, I'm glad I went, and circumstances will probably find me back in Boston at some point and perhaps at a Sox game, but otherwise it's like the visit to the Yankees. I'm glad I was there without having any real desire to return.