Saturday, May 09, 2015

D: Beverage, er... Drink

When I started reading Terpsichore's post about beverages I was in complete agreement. The beverage selection while reading is, plainly and simply, whatever one wants or has to hand while engaged in a book. What utter nonsense to think that there is a particular drink that goes with reading more than another!

But then she goes right off the rails and claims that *shudder* tea is the obvious choice. Tea is never a good beverage choice. It will forever be a mystery to me how soaking bitter leaves in hot water and then drinking the weak, foul-tasting remnants became synonymous with civilised behaviour. If one must choose a single drink, then what could be better than a large glass of milk as cold as it can be? It was good enough for Archie Goodwin, and what better endorsement do you need?