Tuesday, May 12, 2015

G: Glad I Gave It a Go

That's not strictly the prompt, but I have a weakness for alliteration.

In a sense, I'm glad I gave this first book several chances. I started to read Moby Dick and found it tiresome and dull the first two times. In each case I waited a few years before trying it again and it finally paid off. The third time I couldn't put it down. The characters came right off the page and even the whaling how-to couldn't put me off.

Articulating why, precisely, I found this book so engaging is difficult. The book is a masterpiece of language, learning, and full of mystery and portent. It is surreal at times and always dream-like. It is a book in which one can get lost.

The second book that I think of when I consider books I'm glad I read despite not being initially drawn to them, is The Brothers Karamozov. This one I read without having to stop and start several times and I was enraptured by both the beauty of the writing and the moral lessons that are articulated by being shown in the characters' lives rather than preached by their words. To be sure, they do discuss, argue, explain, and pontificate, but the primary method of presenting the ideas to the reader is via the actions they take.

Talking about them has mad me want to read them again. I'll add them to the list for this year. I might ought to read the book Terpsichore writes about, but even her praise fails to elicit much interest. As I get older, my desire to read new fiction seems to be diminishing. Hum...