Wednesday, May 13, 2015

H: Hidden

I'm afraid that my choice for a more obscure book is not nearly so erudite as she whom I follow in writing these posts. Though, perhaps I do him a disservice by saying so. After all, I am perhaps not a particularly good judge of such things and I haven't actually read the book that Terpsichore chose.

My choice is Lord Talon's Revenge by Tom Simon. Mr Simon is a self-published author, but, despite the immediate negative connotations that will conjure in most minds, he is actually quite good at what he does. I own several (perhaps all?) of his published books. I find him to not only be a lucid and engaging writer, but also one who has sound opinions on most topics.

Lord Talon's Revenge is a fantasy novel that both plays with tropes of the genre and also takes cues from Tolkien in the way that the primary story is resolved. The main character is one who believes fervently in the tales of the bards and attempts to live his life as he imagines that a model of chivalry would. This, of course, gets him into all kinds of scrapes and trouble since the real world is not very tolerant of noble idealists, but at the same time he wins through to triumph because men of true nobility are so rare that they often earn deep respect as much as they do scorn. The book stands alone and while it doesn't have quite the high and noble feel of Tolkien, he doesn't have the same despairing nihilism that mars Pratchett. As an inexpensive e-book, I would suggest it to anyone with even a passing interest in fantasy.