Thursday, May 14, 2015

I: Important Moment(s)

I don't recall any important reading moments in my life. There are books, of course, that I enjoyed and that had a large effect on me, but this seems like a slightly different question. This seems more like a moment that is related to reading itself rather than to the thing being read.

I'm told by my mother, though I don't remember the moment, that I began reading on my own at the age of three. Precocious to be sure, but the result, at least in part, is that reading is so integral that it seems inseparable from life itself. To live is to read. I suppose this also is partly why understanding Christ as Logos, the Living Word, is very satisfying to me.

If I have to choose then, there were a large number of days in my youth were I would ride my bike down the hill to the library and stay there all day reading. I'd go in the morning when it opened, skip lunch and just come home in the afternoon. I wasn't very old, 8 or 9 at best, so I wasn't reading a lot of great literature (the notions in Matilda notwithstanding, I am not so clever as all that just because I began reading early), but I lived those days in the stacks. Good times.

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