Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team

The dullness that is the Everglades
Thursday for the first (and only) time on the trip we saw the home team win. After driving down to Miami from Tampa earlier in the day (turns out driving across the Everglades on the interstate is incredibly boring), we saw the Marlins defeat the Colorado Rockies in the evening. EDIT: Pictures added.

Your standard domed stadium
The park had its points. Most of it was just your standard, domed, artificial turf stadium, but the giant, light-studded Marlin pinwheel thing in centerfield that goes into action when a Marlin hits a home run was very Miami-esque. At least, so it seemed to me. We got to see it light up twice; once for Giancarlo Stanton. Ichiro got in to pinch hit in the bottom of the eighth and hit a single. So good times all the way around. They even put in their reliever who does the funny little hop at the end of his delivery.

Home Run Celebration Extravaganza
Don't know that I'll go back to Miami, but it wasn't a bad experience getting there for the game like New York. Eesh.