Friday, January 31, 2003

Response in kind

The Washington Times is reporting that Bush has made more explicit the policy of allowing a nuclear response to an attack on US forces with biological or chemical weapons. I must say that, while I approve of this policy, I do find it disturbing that this document was leaked to the press. As the time draws nearer when military force will be necessary in Iraq, one would hope that the government would be clamping down more tightly on leaks. Of course, the possibility remains that this could be a deliberate leak by the administration to help deter Saddam (or his generals) from doing the spectacularly stupid and trying to fight the US with weapons of mass murder.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Guns for Tots

Katherine Mangu-Ward over at the Weekly Standard points out a charity program I can really get behind: Guns for Tots.

Lame Game

Added a link to Nation States. Build your own nation and run it how you like.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003


A nice little article over at the Washington Times about one my heroes, (or should that be "heroines"?) Phyllis Schlafly. If I can accomplish in my life a quarter of what she's done, I'll have exceeded my expectations outrageously. Here's hoping that she's able to stay hard at work for another 20 years. A truly great woman.


The Weekly Standard is on fire. Stephen Hayes sheds a little light on one of Tom Daschle's fancies. That Iraq has disarmed unilaterally, but for some strange reason won't prove it to anyone. From a press conference with Sen. Daschle, question by Mr Hayes:

"You don't think Saddam disarmed unilaterally, do you?"

"We don't have any concrete evidence that he has not," Daschle replied. "And that's the issue."

AIDS Unilateralism

David Tell from over at the Weekly Standard pokes fun at those across the pond and their complaints about US "unilateralism". The final word,

"About the AIDS initiative: Shouldn't the administration have sought U.N. Security Council approval before embarking on a unilateral foreign adventure like this? What will the French and Germans say?"

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Tolkien Geeks Only

For those Tolkien geeks (like myself), an interesting list in response to the question of whether Legolas was the greatest elven warrior. (Looks like some fan-girl wandered off of the movie discussion boards onto a reader's board.)

No Doy

Hans Blix has reported back to the UN, and he said...(drumroll, please) Iraq is being uncooperative! Which is, wait for it, just what the US has been saying all along! The Washington Times article notes that France and Germany are arguing for the necessity of a second UN Security Council resolution before military action is taken. Which means that France lied back around the time of the passing of resolution 1441. At that time, they agreed that no second resolution would be necessary. In fact, that was part of the compromise between the US and France on the wording of this resolution. That the US would agree to having verifiers go to Iraq first, and if Iraq did not co-operate, then military force could be used without having to take the time to have a second resolution passed authorizing force. The authorization of force was contained in the original resolution.

The French have gone back on their word. I'm shocked.

Super Failure

Well, my Super Bowl prediction was well off the mark. Though, I don't know of anyone that expected TB to score 48 points. Sapp and Gruden were annoying, as expected. Oh, well. There's always next year.

Monday, January 27, 2003

French Games

Jonah Goldberg has a brilliant and hilarious piece up on NRO concerning the French and their (non-)stance on Iraq. An excerpt:

Imagine your kid has been playing with matches. You confront him. He puts his hands behind his back. You say, Let me see what's in your hands. He says no. You insist. He shows you one hand. You say, Let me see the other. He returns the first behind his back and shows you the other one. You demand to see the other hand. He says no. He plays the same game for a while. Then he hides the matches in his pants. And so on. According to the great minds of Old Europe, a smart and sophisticated father would keep playing this game indefinitely, while a boorish (i.e., an American) father would say, "Listen, kid. If you don't stop this B.S. — and right now — it'll take UNMOVIC a year just to find my boot in your ass."

Military Follies

The Washington Times reports that despite the findings of a commission that flatly states mixed-sex training is "not efficient" the Army will continue to waste tax-dollars to train troops in this manner. That's right, your tax-dollars, instead of being used to combat terrorism and secure the United States are being wasted in a training program that produces soldiers that are not as well-trained as they should be. And yet the Army plans to continue with this. Would the Army stand for vehicles that were not as efficient as they could be? Would the Air Force accept munitions that were not efficient in destroying enemy fortifications when a simple change would remedy the problem? Would the Navy accept ships were armoured inefficiently when a different material lay ready to hand? Not hardly. And yet, the Joint Chiefs blithely continue down the path of a weakened military.

This is what comes of allowing radical feminists to insist upon having political correctness reign supreme in the military. Readiness suffers, money is wasted and the end result will be that American lives will be lost needlessly. This charade which pretends that women are equally as capable as men in all military roles needs to end now! Men and women need to be trained separately. Women need to be held to the same physical fitness standards as their male counterparts (and this should not be done by lowering standards for men). Women need to not be a part of combat units or close combat support units.

The Heritage Foundation has a paper on this very topic that raises serious concerns and doubts that the Army's latest study has done nothing to allay and even confirmed in some respects.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

Technology Integration

Well, I'm almost done downloading my television again. When I reinstalled things on my computer, I forgot to back up that last version of my TV program and drivers. Despite this, having your television contained within your computer is a grand thing. I can check my e-mail, scan the web, watch ESPN's sports ticker and listen to music all at the same time. And, if something amazing happens on TV, just a click of a button and I'm recording it. Ain't technology grand?

Blogs as blogs

I feel as if I'm not using enough links to have this be a proper blog. Every time I see criticism of someone who claims they are blogging, it usually involves the fact that they didn't link anywhere. Now, while I'm all in favour of links, I don't think one should go overboard. One of my biggest problems reading blogs is that there usually isn't enough information in the post for me to be able to understand fully what is going on. I end up having to follow several links around the web and read a long article first, and by then I forget why I was reading it in the first place and where I came from to get there. Yes, I know my browser has a "Back" button. I find it annoying, that's all. This is why I never read Drudge. Wonderful guy, I'm sure. Great service and all, no doubt. But it's mostly links. I prefer pages to have actual content.

No doubt this is a personal failing of mine.

Super Predictions

Okay. The Super Bowl. Raiders 28, Buccaneers 13. I admit, a large part of my reasoning was simply that Warren Sapp gets on my nerves. And so does Jon Gruden, for that matter. Probably not the best way to pick a winner...

Saturday, January 25, 2003

Down-time: revisited

Well, my computer is back up and running. Many thanks to Mr Moe for assisting me. Now I just have to reinstall all those games.


Well, if anybody is reading this, I'm borrowing a computer and an internet connection to make this post. I'm having to reinstall a bunch of stuff on my own computer and I don't know how quickly I'll be able to post from home. I may be restricted for a while to posting in the middle of the night at work during breaks. Anyway, for the 2 people that actually visit, hang in there.

Friday, January 24, 2003

Page Edits

Hah! Took me long enough, (since I have limited HTML skills) but I managed to alter the page to be more in line with what I wanted. If it's too difficult to read, drop me a line.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Mugabe and France

I was listening to NPR on the way to work, (Yeah, I probably listen to NPR too much.) and it was their half hour of BBC World Service broadcast. I didn't get to hear the whole story, but there was a teaser for a report on France inviting Robert Mugabe to visit Paris for some sort of upcoming African leaders conference. What is up with France? Are they just trying to cozy up to every unsavoury dictator in the world? Thankfully, our (relatively) loyal ally, the UK is going to make an effort to extend the ban on Mugabe's travel to Europe. Yet another reason to loathe the French.

On a related note, Jonah Goldberg points out a place to get shirts to display your disdain for the Gauls.


I was listening to NPR on the way home from work and I heard a story about Amiri Baraka (aka LeRoi Jones). For those who have been spared he is the current Poet Laureate of New Jersey. New Jersey is now comtemplating elimanating the position of Poet Laureate because they can't boot him out of that honour and refuses to resign it. Anyway, Ward Connerly has nice summary of why Mr Baraka is a disgrace to catch you up to speed if need be.

What I wanted to point out was that during the NPR story they played clips of an interview that did with Mr Baraka. At one point he argues that people are being too hard on him, that other poets have been anti-Semitic. His example was Ezra Pound who was to win an award for his poetry from the Library of Congress. Ezra Pound, it seems, (I'm not big on poetry, can you tell?) was overly fond of Italian fascism and the dictator Benito Mussolini. Congress got all het up about it and made an effort to block the Library from giving awards or something. Anyway, it was a big scandal 50 or 60 years ago.

My point? What does it matter if Ezra Pound was anti-Semitic? We aren't discussing him! Mr Baraka pointing out the faults of others in no way mitigates his own faults. Even if others are just as bad, that argues for similar sanction to be passed on them, not for Mr Baraka to be let off the hook.

And, Mr Baraka is a lousy poet. I'm not real knowledgable when it comes to poetry, but I would imagine that Ezra Pound at least had the mitigating circumstance of being talented. I know that I could write poetry at least as well as the examples that I've seen of Mr Baraka's poetry. But I don't. Because I know that even though I can write that well, it would still be lame.

French Interference

France needs to shut up. Chirac is in the media yammering away about the "only framework for a legitimate solution is the United Nations." Bull.

France didn't seem to feel the need to inquire with the UN before sending their troops to intervene militarily in the Ivory Coast. They haven't even apologised afterwards. And apparently, even though, according to Chirac, "war is always... the worst of solutions, so everything must be done to avoid it." They didn't try much else before interfering in Ivory Coast.

We bailed out France twice last century by sending US soldiers to fight, bleed and die on their soil to free them from an invading army. After the Second World War when their country was in ruins, we sent millions of dollars in aid to assist them to rebuild their country and to get their economy back on its feet. We fought on their side because we opposed totalitarianism. We fought on their side because we supported freedom. We fought on their side to prevent the murder of French citizens. We fought on their side because their opponent wanted to commit genocide. Their military assistance to the US was 150 years prior and we still came to their aid.

And what happens? A few years later their president, Charles DuGalle insists that all US servicemen be removed from France. The French abandon NATO, set up to protect Western Europe from the encroachment of another totalitarian regime. Now the French are talking about trying to find a way to rival the US economically and militarily with the EU. Ever since we rescued the French, they have consistently turned and bit the hand that saved them. And why?

The US has not attempted to make France a colony. We have not tried to dominate their politics or interfered in their sovereign affairs. We have offered them friendship and co-operation through such entities as NATO and their response has been to set themselves up in opposition with entities such as the EU.

When the US defends itself against terrorists and aggressors who declare their open enmity and hatred and try to harm the US, France has a track record of interfering as much as possible. They denied us the ability to fly over their airspace to retaliate against Libya in the 80's. They dragged their feet when Iraq invaded Kuwait and the US moved to expel him and now they are making an effort to forestall any US action in Iraq.

If the French will not support us in our effort to neutralise the threat posed by Saddam Hussein, then we should make some noises about the French intervention in the sovereign nation of Ivory Coast without explicit UN approval. Turnabout is fair play. And even if that doesn't make the French play ball and get on board, ignore them. What are a bunch of cheese-eating surrender-monkeys going to do? Cut off our supply of brie?


Added a couple more links.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003


Abortion is the tragedy of our times. It is the barbaric practice that people will look back upon and marvel that we allowed it. In the same way that we find it difficult to believe and understand how those in the past could countenence slavery, the owning of other human beings, our descendents will marvel at our slaughter of children.

And it is not just children that are killed. We have selected those that are most vulnerable. Those most in need of care, assistance and protection. And these children we murder are our own. Mothers pay to have their own offspring destroyed while they are yet within them. And it is celebrated in some circles as a triumph.

When future historians judge our great men and our leaders from the last quarter of this past century and the beginnings of 21st century, their stance on abortion will be an enormous factor in ascertaining their true measure of greatness. Just as Abraham Lincoln is one of our greatest presidents, so will the man who topples abortion be considered the greatest of his time.

Forty million children have been sacrificed on the altar of selfishness. Untold millions more will join them. As distant as our hope seems now, we must never give up or surrender. Take heart in the successes of those that have fought other injustices before us. Slavery has been abolished. Hitler's genocide was stopped. The bastions of Communism are dead or dying. Much work remains, but while the faithful keep striving, hope will live on.

Get involved. Make a difference. Speak on behalf of the silent, fight on behalf of the helpless, be strong on behalf of the weak.

For ways to get involved, go here.


Well. Here I am. Blogging. Yee-ha.