Friday, September 28, 2007


I mostly chose this word because I don't often see or use 17 letter words.



The quality of being adventuresome; tendency to incur hazards; boldness.

Dik-sha-what? Now I know you're making words up.

It's odd that certain misspellings never lose their cachet, (the "their", "there", "they're" confusion, for example) and others come and go. Lately I've been noticing all kinds of people using the word "diffuse" when they really mean "defuse".

People will say that they are "diffusing the controversy". I think, "Do you really want '2. To pour or send forth as from a centre of dispersion; to spread abroad over a surface, or through a space or region; to spread widely, shed abroad, disperse, disseminate.'"? It's not as if the correct word has a definition that's difficult to remember. Here it is in its entirety from the OED:

trans. To remove the fuse from (an explosive device). Also fig.

That's it. This shouldn't be that hard, I wouldn't think. And it's more important that you kids with your stupid abbreviations for texting and online chatting seem to think it is. Don't make me tell you stories about how we measured our online speed in baud (whatever the heck that was) when I was a kid and how we were excited when we got to have 128k of RAM! Nowadays that wouldn't even be enough for your personal icon in your AOL messenger.

Walking through the snow to school.

Uphill both ways...

Punk kids.


I'd like to do more crossword puzzles. But I don't find that I have the time. And yes, I know that really means it's just not important enough to me. Fine, granted. But I miss doing them and wish that some of the other stuff I have to do that is important was not as necessary and important as it is. Then I would do more crossword puzzles.

And I wish I had a billion dollars.

Adventures in Azeroth

Since I've never really written about my playing World of Warcraft other than to merely mention the fact that I do play, a little info. I play almost exclusively on the Horde side on the Zul'jin server. I have a 70 Tauren shaman, a 50 BE priest and a few other minor alts all below level 20.

My shaman is only lately arrived at level 70 since my playing time is limited by family, work and my other pastimes (reading, movies, this blog, etc.). Also, I don't have a ton of online buddies, my guild is small and I don't enjoy most of the PUGs (Pick-Up Groups) I end up in.

So what I've been doing lately is taking advantage of the fact that at max level (70), one gets bonus gold instead of XP for completing quests and running around doing quests to collect the money to be able to eventually afford a fast flying mount. I'm not even a fifth of the way there since I'll need 5000 gold to train for the mount and another couple hundred (incidental when compared to the cost of training the flying skill, really) to buy the mount.

What I haven't been doing is running instances. And now, I'm faced with the problem that when I do run an instance, since I'm level 70, the other players will probably expect me to be familiar with what to do and what will happen and may have little patience for a 70 who is doing his first run through Coilfang or Shattered Halls or wherever. Still, I need to start doing these things because the reputation I'll gain with the various game factions will be what allows me to get the things I need in order to keep making money once the quests dry up, which they probably will before I can get that flying mount.

Oh, and I should add, enhancement shamans need a plate talent. Those who play will understand what I mean. And probably either agree or disagree rather vehemently.


I'm not going back and making up the last month. It's just not gonna happen.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Almost surprising, but not quite.

I had always thought this word carried the connotation of surprise, but the definitions seem to belie that.

adventitious, a.

1. Of the nature of an addition from without; extrinsically added, not essentially inherent; supervenient, accidental, casual. Cf. the obs. ADVENTIVE.

2. Law. (See quot. 1751.) 1751 CHAMBERS Cycl., Adventitious, in the Civil Law, is applied to such goods as fall to a man, either by mere fortune, or by the liberality of a stranger, or by collateral, not direct succession. In this sense the word stands opposed to Profectitious; by which are signified such goods as descend in a direct line.

3. Nat. Hist. Appearing casually, or out of the normal or usual place, esp. in Bot. of roots, shoots, buds, etc. produced in unusual parts of the plant.

"Twentieth century? Why, I could pick a century out of a hat, blindfolded, and come up with a better one."

One can find nuggets of wisdom in the oddest places, truly.

I've been thinking lately about trying to have that quotation from Russell Kirk up there at the top of the page translated into Latin. It just kind of seems like a saying one would hear quoted in Latin to me. As cool as it would be to do it myself, I know I couldn't do it and get all the tenses and things correct. Not even close, I'm sure.

The M's are officially done this year. Talk about a nose-dive. They were a single game out of first place on August 25. They then proceeded to lose 9 in a row and 15 of their next 17 games to end up 9.5 games out on September 11. Abysmal.

The Steelers are 3-0, though they have played some pretty weak teams so far. I'm pleased to say that they seem to have one of the softest schedules in the league really. Their division doesn't seem to be any great shakes, even the Ravens look like they aren't nearly up to last season's efforts and the Steelers get to play the NFC West this year, with such perrenial power-houses as Arizona, St. Louis, SF and Seattle. After the beat-down the put on SF this past Sunday, the teams remaining are a combined 3-6. The NY, Miami and Denver games should be winnable, they get Jacksonville at home and while they do have to face the Pats on the road, 10 or 11 wins should be attainable. Barring injury to key players, this season should see the Steelers return to the playoffs. How they might fare once there will be better predicted after the season progresses.

I've been updating my book list even when I wasn't posting, so you can take a gander down the page to the left if you're curious.