Monday, October 13, 2008

If you don't contribute, you're stealing.

It's time once again for the annual pledge drive at my local public radio station. They take 10 minutes every 5 minutes of actual programming to do their darndest to guilt trip everyone into giving them more money. It never seems to occur to them that there may be people who lament the death of public radio as it used to be. It's not really public radio when they have to take hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions from people like me and "donations" from corporations in order to produce slick news programs that are indistinguishable from commercial news programs.

Every time I hear them begging me for money, I make a conscious decision to not contribute in the hopes that they'll stop carrying the big, expensive news programs and play My Word re-runs, allow more local music, play more classical music... something, in other words, that will make it more "public" radio than corporate radio. Down with NPR!

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New tiny one.

My good friends welcomed their second daughter into the world recently, and now that they have mentioned it on teh Interwebz, I feel it's licit for me to take similar notice of it here.

As I commented there, many combolations!

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Story, as promised.

I told someone that I'd put my funny China story on my blog. What makes it better, is the fact that it's true. This happened to a missionary with whom I was acquainted in passing some years ago.

So this guy goes to the store to buy soap. And he speaks some Chinese, but, as everyone knows, Chinese words can be very different things when you use different inflections. Say it with a rising tone instead of a falling one, and you could be saying something completely at odds with what you intend. Right, so when he asks the shopkeeper for soap, the man looks at him funny. So he repeats himself, and the guy still looks at him like he's sure it's not what the missionary really wants, but he's confused about what he really means. So the missionary starts making washing motions, pantomiming taking a shower. And then the shopkeeper looks really weirded out for a second, but then bursts out laughing and corrects the missionary's pronunciation. So he takes him to the soap, and pronounces it correctly. Then he says the other word and takes the missionary over to what he had been asking for. Cow fertilizer.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Right or wrong?

Another post from The New Criterion, this one about the recent debate. I heard this particular section on the radio and my reaction was much the same though not nearly as eloquent. There really aren't a lot of things to which we have a "right". The Bill of Rights isn't very long for a reason; our inalienable rights are not many.

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Politics is as we make it.

An interesting article over at The New Criterion about how the disconnect between reality and what our politicians tell us is our own doing. We refuse to vote for people that tell us how it really is because we prefer comforting lies that we can see through when and how we please and spend the rest of our time in a blissful self-made ignorance.
For there are only two ways in which candidates at all levels are allowed to compete with each other under the ground rules set up for them by the media. One is in mouthing platitudes, truisms and inspirational autobiographical vignettes, and the other is in casting aspersions on the moral or intellectual character or the bona fides of one’s opponent. That’s how the thing has been set up to run because (a) anything substantive would be too boring to command the sort of audience the media have come to depend on and (b) the substantive differences between the candidates are, in any case, relatively small — though that, too, is probably as a result of the media’s demands — and must be made to seem much larger than they are, as well as more exciting and dramatic, by being moralized and personalized. Besides, a debate which took place in the realm of what the media wise men are pleased to call reality would provide no interpretative role for the media themselves in telling their audience what the candidate’s words really mean.

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Busy, busy, frightftully busy...

The past couple weeks have kept me on the hop at work and I've been putting in more time than I wanted or intended. A couple days, after I came home and ate and helped put the kids to bed, I went back to the office and put in another 2 or 3 hours and I had to go in on a Saturday too. Even with all that, this past week was pretty busy too. On the bright side, it's a little less crazy now.

Also, in other news, I got myself an MP3 player with some spare money that I had. I chose the Cowon iAudio 7 and, though I've had it for less than 24 hours, I'm pretty pleased with it. In the box was a notice about getting 35 free songs from Their selection is kinda limited, they have a lot of obscure stuff, but there hardly seems any method to their madness. Nothing by King's X, but they have the first Jelly Jam album (a side project of Ty Tabor, the King's X guitarist). I picked up some Johnny Cash, a Joy Electric cover of The Cure, some Echoing Green, the album Rebel by Lecrae, Weird Al's song from The Simpsons, the hilarious Re: Your Brains, and my favourite half-dozen John Lee Hooker songs.

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