Monday, March 30, 2009

Co-operating or co-opting?

An interesting article looks at the spate of relatively recent religious references and motifs in science-fiction. I'm not sure what I think about it all. On the one hand, it's heartening to see that many people have enough familiarity with Christianity to include such references in their pop culture entertainment. On the other hand, I'm not sure that I like Darth Vader being the product of a virgin birth and the connection of Christianity to the Matrix has always seemed much more tenuous to me than how it seems to be perceived by others.

If I still have any readers, I'd be interested in your thoughts.

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Wait... what?

I couldn't quite believe it, but there's video to prove it. At least at the moment; the web is a transitory thing.

Puts me in mind of another joke. (My apologies to any friends who have strong feelings about Illinois.)
Champ Clark loves to tell of how in the heat of a debate Congressman Johnson of Indiana called an Illinois representative a jackass. The expression was unparliamentary, and in retraction Johnson said:

"While I withdraw the unfortunate word, Mr. Speaker, I must insist that the gentleman from Illinois is out of order."

"How am I out of order?" yelled the man from Illinois.

"Probably a veterinary surgeon could tell you," answered Johnson, and that was parliamentary enough to stay on the record.
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Quick hits

A couple links from John Derbyshire in The Corner. The first needs no commentary other than to say that it's hard to imagine having something worse befall you in this life.

The second surprises me a little. Mr Derbyshire is such a fan of Samuel Johnson that I wonder this didn't occur to him.

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"I'm not dead!"

It's just been a crazy busy month at work. And, it's carried right to the end of the month so the next month can start out busy and just keep the madness rolling.


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Thursday, March 12, 2009

More like aluminum


First he acquiesces in the inference (watch the clip, if you don't get that from the transcript) that the Republican party is similar to the Nazis, and now he says abortion is A-okay. Someone remind me why Michael Steele was a good choice to be head of the GOP?