Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Books in 2013

So last year I (foolishly) broke my resolution to not make resolutions at New Year, and resolved to read 200 books in the year. I started well, faltered and never came close to recovering. I think this past year was the lowest total for me in a year since I started keeping track of such things. On the other hand, it was the year with highest percentage of new books read by a wide margin. Huzzah, I suppose? To aid you in your participation in my narcissistic review of my reading habits, here are links to previous years' accountings. Yes, I know years 2009-2011 are missing; I didn't keep track those years.

2006 - 178 (some basic stats)
2007 - 161 (some basic stats)
2008 - 165 (some basic stats)
In 2009 I stopped  blogging for a while and stopped keeping track of the books I read. I started logging books again in 2012, but I didn't post that year's list anywhere. After the jump I'll list the books from 2012 and 2013.