Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A: Author

Terpsichore's post which inspired this one.

As will come as no surprise to anyone who knows my reading tastes at all, the author, of whose books I am most widely read, is PG Wodehouse. I don't exactly know how many of his books I've read, but it's got to be about 80-85. I own a few more than that (92); I haven't gotten around to reading the most recent acquisitions. I'll update with a picture later.

In a distant second is most likely Agatha Christie. I own 44 of her books, but I've probably read 50-55 when I include volumes checked out from the library. I mind very much less owning her books in cheap paperback editions.

Other notable mentions are Rex Stout (high 30's), Terry Pratchett (low-to-mid 30's), and Ngaio Marsh and Stan Sakai (31). Sakai is easiest to figure because I own all the books and I've read all the books. His are comic book collections, so if those don't count, we'll skip past him and Hergé (all 24 Tintin books) and light upon Patrick O'Brian (24 or 25).

I don't think I've read quite all of the 25 Albert Campion stories by Margery Allingham, but nearly. CS Lewis is at 19.Tolkien is muddled; is the author of The Silmarillion JRR or CR Tolkien? In any event, I'd put the number in the high teens. To get down out of double digits would take a significant list. Beverly Cleary, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Gene Wolfe, Terry Brooks, John Keegan, Tom Clancy, Roald Dahl, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Lloyd Alexander... Some of those might not really count, being as most of their books are children's books, however. Anyone else want to chime in?

Monday, April 27, 2015

An Alphabet of Books

One of the Muses from the delightfully named Egotist's Club has decided to do a series of posts on books with each relating to a different letter of the alphabet. Click the link if the lateness of the hour has caused me to write that description poorly.

Since I'm looking for things to write on my blog about as I try to get back into the swing of actually sharing what I'm writing about, and I love books, I thought I'd end up giving it a whirl too. So I'm putting the marker down that I will both write and post my own set of posts on the topics and follow along.

I am the last person to know this

Sitting here, listening to music and the song How Soon Is Now? by The Smiths comes on. Fair enough, I really like this song. But Amazon Music has a feature that shows you the lyrics for some songs. I have it turned on and I discovered that the opening line is "I am the son and the heir". All this time I had been hearing it as "I am the Sun and the Air". I didn't get it, but, whatever. I'm not sure it makes a lot more sense, but I'm glad to know what's up.