Saturday, April 30, 2016

Quick Redesign

Just a quick update to the blog's layout and design. It's mostly a pre-fab template with a few tweaks for fonts and colors and a background photo of my own.

Father Daughter Baseball

Took my girls to the M's game last night, and it was a good one. The Royals pitcher struggled right away walking several batters in the first couple innings and having to work out of a jam in both the first and second, but I was surprised when I noticed in the fifth that he was still working on his no-hitter despite seeming to have trouble with his command.

Game ended well and was exciting right to the end with Martin needing to making a running catch against the wall in center to secure the final out. Girls mostly had a good time; I think they liked getting to stay out late with their dad as much as anything, but they did get rather cold. Lesson learned for next time: even though I'm dressed warmly enough, apparently I don't get nearly as cold as they do.